Embrace Connection

We champion vibrant global platforms that pulse with energy for streaming, dating, and communication, making it easy to link up with people worldwide. We cultivate an environment where authenticity thrives, allowing you to express your true self effortlessly.

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SocialTech platforms make it easy to find like-minded communities, let go of boredom and loneliness with new technologies, interaction mechanisms and gamification. It's a dedicated space for self expression where people can support and inspire each other.

We offer our own approach and vision of the social discovery world. Our platforms provide comfortable environment for interesting online interactions, attention and positive emotions.

Every user's experience is important to us, so we create a space with anti-fraud algorithms and processes that protect the experience from fake profiles and potential fraudsters. For this purpose, we use the latest identity verification and content moderation technologies

Our mission

We want to inspire people to take bold actions that are empowered with support, inspiration and appreciation. All of our products are designed to provide a comfortable and safe space for self-expression, where you can freely connect with others and make new friends

Our values